10 Things to Do in Ölüdeniz

It is a natural wonder that takes place in the stagnation of the name, Ölüdeniz, in Fethiye, Muğla. Oludeniz, which admires the nature of the paradise, has unique lagoon must be travelled, the green every tone must be seen.It has a beauty that will not be missed for those who want to travel, as well as rest . Rocky Tombs, Telmessos Antique Theater, Paspatur Bazaar, Saklıkent Canyon and Butterfly Valley are the most exciting places of nature sports to see from here, as well as from paragliding to rafting. You won’t forget your travel to Turkey after visiting Ölüdeniz.

Ölüdeniz - Fethiye

1. Visit the Kordon

There are also stands and centers where you can participate in activities such as paragliding or boat tours as well as beautiful cafes and restaurants, along the famous Kordon, which runs along Belcekız Beach. Your travel will be flowered by sunshine and stunning sea.

2. Walking along the Lycian Way

If you want to go for a little stroll on the Historical Lycian Way, which is a five hundred kilometer walking route between Fethiye and Antalya, do not forget to buy your food with your sneakers and some water.

3. Make paraglider

Those who choose to jump from Babadag, one of the best paragliding destinations in the world, can watch Ölüdeniz from bird’s-eye view. The fee for this unforgettable experience is 250 TL in intense sense, but falls to 180 TL at other times.

4. Enjoy the view of Ölüdeniz in your travel destination.

The viewing area at the entrance to Ölüdeniz offers a panoramic view of this beautiful holiday spot for travel enthusiasts.

5. See Blue Cave

The Blue Cave, the blue waters and magnificent scenery that you can reach with the boat cruise ships will captivate you. Only one entry into the cavern can only jump from the boat, is reached by swimming.

6. Visit the Nature Park

When you enter Ölüdeniz Natural Park at the end of Kordon you pay only 7 TL. Ölüdeniz is paying back this fee by a factor of three with the perfect nature offered to those who have met with the calm waters.

7. Join the boat tour

Ölüdeniz and Fethiye around the Butterfly Valley, such as Kabak Bay, where the tremendous nature of the boat trips to provide a blue voyage, the summer period can be up to 100-150 TL.

8. Shop around

You can shop from Ölüdeniz Bazaar which is the whole of a slightly sloping street which is lined up parallel to the length of the cord, and you can take cute gifts to your loved ones.

9. Get on the sea bike

Take a romantic tour with the sea bikes, which offers the opportunity to go on your own in the calm waters of Ölüdeniz or catch the squares that make photographers jealous in the exquisite scenery.Not only for travel enthusiasts but also for photographers this spot is the best.

10. Live your night life

If you are keen on nightlife, entertainment and music holiday , go to the colorful venues of Ölüdeniz and have fun with your local and foreign music accompaniment.

Ölüdeniz is one of the most impressive touristic routes of our country and should be seen with its activities that will excite every season of the year, with its atmosphere of great nature and peace! Travel to this peace of paradise.

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