Hi, my name is Kamil Uğraş Türkoğlu. I’m Turkish and a geography teacher.

I like my country very much. In my lectures in the classroom I feel how right I am with love while explaining the geographical wealth of Turkey, its historical background, its touristic values.

We opened this blog with a friend of my English teacher. Unfortunately I’m not as good at English as I am about geography. We got started on this fascinating and challenging work with her. I appreciate her not leaving me alone on this road.

I do not know how Turkey looks in the world. There is something I know; The news is often reflected in negative developments. I also see this blog as an opportunity to change the prejudices about my country. I hope I can remove these prejudices.

Navigate and read our blog. Do not hesitate to ask anything you wonder.. The Turkish people are helpful . And once in your life, visit Turkey’s magnificent geography.

As a last word; Turkey can notbe told, is experienced.