Akçay is a peaceful holiday town where the untouched nature of the Ida Mountains and the cool waters of the Aegean Sea are intertwined. It is one of the most touristic points of the Gulf of Edremit with its Kordon Road, Sarıkız sculpture, fresh waters gushing through the sea, and immaculate beaches.

Akçay Sarıkız Statue

Akçay Sarıkız Statue

How to get to Akçay?

Akçay can be reached directly from Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara by bus.

Places to Visit in Akçay

Antandros Antique City is 17 km away from Akçay; It was founded on a hill close to Altinoluk in the south of Ida Mountains. The city is surrounded by a castle on the hill and a cemetery on the western slopes. Excavation work continues in the historical city within the borders of Altınoluk.

Altınoluk is 17 km away from Akçay; Altınoluk, located to the north of Edremit Gulf, south of Kazdağı, is another tourism center with blue flag awarded beaches.

Pınarbaşı picnic area 6 km away from Akçay; It is located within the borders of Güre. The abundant and ice-cold water flowing from the hillside is ideal for cooling off in the summer months. There is also a farm where trout is produced in the picnic area.

Sahinderesi Canyon

Şahinderesi Canyon

Şahinderesi Canyon, 17 km away from Akçay; The canyon overlooking Altınoluk from the top is a picnic area with plenty of fresh spring water. There is also a canteen accommodation and restaurant, which is also suitable for trekking and hiking.

Çağlayan is 3 km away from Akçay; It is in the Kızılkeçili Village and has a 800-year-old plane tree certified by the Ministry of Culture.

Güre Gelincami Picnic area 8 km away from Akçay; From Güre, it is easier to reach with the newly opened road and some of the activities of Sarıkız, which is being held every year by Güre Municipality, take place here.

Hasan Boguldu

Hasan Boğuldu

Sutüven at 5 km distance to Akçay; It has a picnic area within the boundaries of Zeytinli town, terraces with views and playgrounds. There is a Sutüven Waterfall spilling from the altitude 8 m high and called by its name.
Hasan Boğuldu, 7 km from Akçay; comes after Sutüven picnic area and is home to a famous waterfall and a lake with many fish in it.

The Tahtakuşlar Ethnography Museum is the first private Ethnographical Museum in Turkey and contains interesting and original cultural assets of Konar-Göçer Türk, which migrated from Central Asia to Turkey.

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