Akdag Ski Center

Samsun, leaning his back on the Canik Mountains, is washing his face with the salt water of the Black Sea every day. The people of the region who are longing for the land due to the low snowfall of the coastal parts of the Black Sea, escape to the high mountains in the interior in January. In summer, Samsun is overflowing as a summer resort and in the winter months it becomes the address of Akdag Winter Sports Center and Central Black Sea skiing activities.

Akdag Ski Center

Akdag is the highest mountain of Samsun with its mass of 2086 meters; 80 kilometres from the center of the province, five kilometers from the center of Ladik district. In addition to Samsun, Akdağ attracts intense interest from the surrounding provinces such as Amasya, Çorum and Tokat. Today, Akdag is a tourist ski resort. Providing comfortable and risk-free skiing with the ability to hold crushed snow on the slippery surface of the ground, Akdag is ideal for those who want to decorate with a view of nature, sports and snow during the weekend in winter. In summer the ski center, which hosts the plateau festivities, draws attention with its large slope suitable for skiers of every level. There are four runways with different difficulty ratings in the field of 1465 meters long. It is possible to make use of the 1500-meter-long ski lift to reach the ski slope. The Kar Otel offers accommodation and ski equipment rentals. Entrants can benefit from the pensions in the district center.

Snow Hotel offers its guests many sporting activities such as ATV safari and snowmobile tours. Families can rent their sleds and entertain their children on a less inclined course. Opposite Akdag, which also appeals to snowboarders, the Lake of Aslı Plateau turns into a natural ice-skating rink by freezing in the winter months. Ladik Plain and the lake can be watched from the ski center with all the details. Drawing attention with its floating islets, Ladik Lake, an indispensable address for angling, displays an extraordinary image from the ski area. You can get to the premises by your private vehicle or by day-trip organizations organized by local tourism companies. The ramp extending from the Ladik district center to the ski center is kept open by the Provincial Special Administration for the winter months.

Guests arriving in the area can relax in the Hamamayağı Thermal Springs, which is 10 kilometers away from the district center, can go to Aktaş and Kupecik Yaylalar and enjoy tandır kebab, goose tirid, pike and wooden honey.

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