Ayvalık is located on a low hill area near the Aegean Sea. This district has been a stopover for travelers for many years. With the development of tourism, many stone-paved street asphalts are welcoming their guests without sacrificing the sincerity of the town. The clear sea of Ayvalik has recently become a center of attraction for divers.

How to get to Ayvalık?

It is 489 to Istanbul, 675 to Ankara and 156 km to Izmir. There are direct flights to Ayvalık . Ayvalik can be reached by following Bandırma Balıkesir from Istanbul and Eskisehir Bursa route from Ankara. There is also an airport in Edremit.

Food in Ayvalık

Ayvalık dishes are famous for being cooked in olive oil. There are rich options such as stuffed vegetables with olive oil in the menu of the restaurants in the district, marasa made with lamb, tortoiseshell, marbling, radish, radica, istifno, zucchini stuffed with fava and curd. The most famous dish on Cunda Island is “papalina” fish, which is even smaller than hams.

Places to Visit in Ayvalık

Sarımsaklı Beach

Sarimsakli is Ayvalik’s beaches district. The 4 km long beach is only 5 kilometers from Ayvalik. The sea of the beach with fine sand is also very nice. Many pensions, apart hotels and five star hotels have been opened in recent years, and Sarimsakli has lost its former calm. Badavut Cove is very quiet compared to Sarimsakli Beach. You will find a clean and suitable place to stay here.

Pine grove (Çamlık)

3 km from the town center. There are city buses from Ayvalık to Çamlık departing from the city center. There are a few boutique hotels and camping sites in Çamlık.

Devil’s Table

You will see the sign of Devil’s Table on the way to the right after 7 kilometers from Ayvalık. Ayvalık-Devil’s Table approximately 15, Sarimsakli Beach and Devil’s Table are approximately 5 kilometers away. There is Çamlık Forest Camp on the road. The Devil’s Table is at the end of the next roundabout this camp. One of the places where the sunset is the most beautiful in Turkey.

Hamidiye Mosque

The mosque in the center of the district was built by Sultan Abdülhamid in the second half of the 19th century.

Cunda (Alibey)

Alibey Island is seen like a peninsula today since it was connected to the land by a bridge. When you look at the island from Ayvalık, you will see the Dalyan Bosphorus on your left and the Dolap Bosphorus on your right. There are both minibuses and boat services from Ayvalik to the island 8 km away from the center of Ayvalik. The surrounding area is famous with its natural beaches covered island, fish restaurants.

The famous papalinas of the Aegean, countless seafood, mezes and olive oil herbs and evening meals are served in the fish restaurants on the island.

Taksiyarhis Church

Taksiyarhis Church

The beauty of the straits, the islands, the interiors of the highlands from the high sections of the island is worthy of the watch. There are many churches and monasteries in the island. Taksiyarhis Church, the largest church of the churches, was founded on an area of 1300 square meters in the 18th century. The great chan is exhibited at Bergama Museum. It was the first neighborhood where Muslims lived together with Christians in the old neighborhood where the Lower Cesme, which attracted attention with its churches, was built in 1873. The marble workmanship in the church, ceiling adornments with religious subjects, paintings depicted until the death of Jesus Christ, the most remarkable structure still preserved with the azalea portraits on the fish skin.

Panaya Church, Ayos Pandeleymonas, Ayos Yannis are the only churches in existence today. The first and second villages of the Moonligh monastery in the north of the island are reached by a 45-minute walk. The Leka Monastery is located on the right side of the exit of the Dalyan Strait.

It is a great misconception that people who see Cunda by eating only on the island, walking on the beach, visiting Greek houses and churches on the old streets can make a big mistake and we definitely recommend an island tour for those who travel with their special vehicles. Island explorers expect beautiful beaches and a special geography as well as deserted huts. During this discovery you should definitely visit Patrica Village and its beaches. This is an old Greek village, a region that is deserted according to the center of the island. Ideal for those who want a quiet holiday.

Ayvalık Islands

In Ayvalık there are 23 islands besides Alibey Island. Some of the islands lacked vegetation, some of which have sparse vegetation, remain within the boundaries of the Ayvalık Islands Natural Park. There are a total of 24 islands in the region with two islands outside the natural park area. The names of these islands are as follows: Alibey (Cunda), Naked, Egg (Small Iosta), Sun (Iosta), Black Sea (Aquarium), Pinar (Guide, Masko), Yellice (Poyraz, Incirli), Small Mine, Mine, Pigeon, Wire Mesh, Black Sea Rat, Fish (Big Black Cattle, Rabbit), Girl, Egg (Topan), Quince, Stone, Eye (Calamophore), Tulip (Cabinet, Onion), Round, Lobster, Sail (Ayiy Alo). These are the islands outside of the borders of nature.

Ayvalık is one of the most active dive centers of the Aegean with more than 40 diving points around the 24 islands. Another advantage of the reef area is that the underwater flora and fauna is very rich. Girls’ Island has a circumference of 1,668 meters. The shallow area called “Deli Mehmet Stones” 1 mile north of the island is one of the places preferred by the underwater community with its interesting flora. 19 meters deep in the direction of the east of the stones, called gargonia with large leaved j plants in the area of diving in Turkey will want to see the beauty of every fisherman. There are many companies that tour Ayvalik islands. Day trips to the island are made right in front of Ayvalik square. Depending on the condition of the passengers, the boat usually travels between 11.00 – 11.30 and back at 17.30 – 18.00. On weekends, it may be necessary to book in advance, as the boat will be very crowded. The tour boats, moving from Ayvalık, pass the Chicken Island and give a swim to the Black Sea, Yellice Island and Pinar Island. In the turn, Cunda has an opportunity to roam the boat for half an hour at the center. If the weather conditions are favorable, some companies organize the species that goes up to Maden Island.


Altınova has clean beaches. The center is 13 km. There are picnic and sightseeing areas in the distance area.

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