Gökçeada, the largest island of Turkey, is mentioned as İmbros in the epic of Homer’s Iliad. The villages of the island beaches that join the slow cities (Cittaslow), is famous for authentic coffee houses. It does not disappoint you.


How to go to Gökçeada?

The transportation to Gökçeada, which is connected to the province of Çanakkale, is provided by the ferry that departs from Kabatepe Port located on the Gelibolu Peninsula. It is 333 kilometers from Istanbul to Kabatepe.


It is possible to find clean and comfortable small hotels in the island center. The new Bademli and Ugurlu villagers stand out with their pensions.


There are many restaurants in the island center that serve meat and homemade meals. The best fish restaurants are located on the coast of Kaleköy. You can also eat pancakes and drink tea and water pipe in Yörük tents.


Gökçeada Yıldız Cove

It is possible to swim almost every coast in the island. Windsurfing can be done on the coast of Aydıncık (Kefalos). Yıldız Cove was allocated to TÜDAV and declared Turkey’s first Underwater National Park. When you swim here, the Cheese Rocks in Kaşkaval Cape will come out against you. The Secret Harbor, Marmaros Bay, Laz Bay and the Lamb Harbor are other known beaches. It is also possible to explore other beaches while you are traveling around the island.

Gökçeada Cheese Rocks
Cheese Rocks

Marmaros Waterfall should also be included in your visit.

Places to visit in Gökçeada

The center of the island, named Panaia in history, can be visited for shopping.

The abandoned Greek villages are perhaps the most decisive feature of Gökçeada. The old Bademli village is one of the oldest villages of the island with the old Greek houses. Tepeköy, Dereköy and Zeytinliköy must be on the list of places to visit. Do not forget to sip the famous Turkish coffe at Zeytinliköy.

Gökçeada Kaleköy

Iskiter Castle in the Upper Kaleköy district of the Ottoman era, the rock tombs of the Roman period in Kokina, the historical church in Yeni Bademli Höyük and Dereköy, the laundry and the fountains are worth seeing.

The most important holiday for the Greek Cypriots, “Panaiya” (or Panayir), is celebrated every year on August 15 at Tepeköy Square. Many tourists visit this village every year to participate in the festival. Together with the Greeks, who break the fast of meat and orchid, tourists from various places play in the village square until late at night.

Marmaros Waterfall

Gökçeada is known as one of the four islands with the highest sources of fresh water on earth.

Marmaros Waterfall

Marmaros Waterfall is a trekking paradise. It is necessary to go to Dereköy from Uğurlu Village road to see Marmaros.

At the village exit, on the seventh kilometer of the road leading to Marmaros Bay, a valley is seen on the right. A half-hour walk along the fringes of the creek flowing in the forest leads you to Marmaros after a few small waterfalls. The waterfall that pours from 38 meters in its magnificence creates a sense of surprise.

The region is closed in the summer due to the risk of fire in summer. Those who want to visit the waterfall in the summer months should get permission from the district governorship.

Salt Lake

Salt Lake is a lagoon where the wind and waves break. For many years, the wind and the waves have been able to separate the sand from the sea, but it has not been able to cut the relationship completely.

Gökçeada Salt Lake

There is no creek feeding the lake, partly in rainy waters, mostly from the sea.

There is a thin sandstone between Salt Lake and the sea. In very dry years, as a result of evaporation, it dries completely and there is a natural salt layer on it. The salt obtained here has met Gökçeada’s need for centuries. The lake is located in Aydıncık,of which Kefalos was the former name.

Mud taken from the surface is believed to be good on the skin, black mud extracted from the bottom of the salt layer is pumped to the whole body for treatment.

After the dry season, the lake starts to hold water in the fall. Flamingos are staying here as long as the lake allows for nutritional conditions.

Important Telephones

Tourist Information: 0-286-217 1187
Hospital: 0-286-887 30 03
Police Department: 0-286-8873012
Web: www.gokceada.bel.tr

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