Ihlamur Pavilion

Ihlamur Pavilion, which is located between the Besiktas and Nişantaşı, was built by Sultan Abdülmecit (1839-1861) to Nikogos Balyan. Nikogos Balyan built two buildings into a 24.724 square meters of wooded area, surrounded by high walls. These buildings are called Merasim Pavilion and Maiyet Pavilion. Merasim Pavilion is the main Ihlamur Pavilion.

The area where the crescents are located is known as “Hacı Hüseyin Bağları” in the 18th century, while it was transformed into a “Has Bahçe (beautiful Garden)” in the period of III. Ahmet (1703-1730). Sultan Abdülhamid (1774-1789) and III. Selim (1789-1807) also attracted interest in the period, the first half of the 19th century Sultan Abdulmecit used it for rest and guest hospitality. Abdülmecit built this big one between 1849 and 1855, replacing this simple and small one.

The Ceramics Mansion, which was originally designed for ceremonies and is now known as the Linden Gate, was built on a high basement with a cut stone, a rectangular plan and a single storey. In baroque lines, the decorations of the period reflect the motifs of the period. The maquis of the sultan, sometimes used by the harem and slightly beyond the Merasim Pavilion, was built as a two-storey and simpler building.

Sultan Mehmed Resat (1908-1918) occasionally used these pavilion and even welcomed some foreign guests here, although Sultan Abdulaziz, brother of Abdulmecit, who died at a young age, did not show much interest in these pavilions. During the Republican period, empty and neglected pavilions were given to Istanbul Municipality in 1951. The Governor of Istanbul and the Mayor Fahrettin Kerim Gökay established the Tanzimat Museum at Maiyet Mansion; In 1966 Merasim Mansion was serving as a museum-palace, Maiyet Mansion and a part of the garden as a cafeteria.

This garden was surrounded by the high walls a few years ago; they are replaced with white bars. Thus, the gardens and mansions have been included in the area, and the interest of the people has increased even more.

Where and How to Get Ihlamur Pavilion

Ihlamur Pavilion is located in Beşiktaş district of Istanbul. Located in Ihlamurdere street, in Istanbul. There are more choices for transportation. Some of those;

The nearest tram stop to get to the Pavilion is the Fındıklı tram stop. The last lines are Zeytinburnu – Kabataş line.

Taksim funicular stop is the closest funicular stop to get to the Ihlamur Pavilion. The last lines are Taksim – Kabatas, Beyoglu- Taksim, Çağlayan – Eminönü, Çağlayan- Yenikapı, Yesilpınar – Taksim, Hasköy- Şişli – Taksim and Ortaköy – Dereboyu – Taksim line.

Osmanbey metro stop is the closest metro stop to get to the Ihlamur Pavilion. The last lines are Çağlayan – Eminönü, Çağlayan – Yenikapi, Kuştepe – Taksim, Exsalın – Taksim, Hasköy – Şişli – Taksim and Ortaköy – Dereboyu – Taksim line.

The nearest IETT stop is Sair Nedim IETT bus stop to get to the Ihlamur Pavilion. The last lines are Gayrettepe – Eminonu, Fulya Neighborhood – Eminonu, Obelisk – Eminonu, Taksim – Dikilitaş line.

The closest IDO stop to get to the Pavilionis the Kabataş IDO ferry stop. The last lines are Kabataş – Bostanci, Kabataş – Adalar – Bostanci, Kadıköy – Sarıyer line.

Ihlamur Pavilion Entry fee

Like most historical buildings, there is also an entrance fee. Entrance fee is 5 TL and the discount is 2,5 TL. Garden entrance ticket is 1 Tl.

Visitor Times

Monday and Thursday are closed for the day. You can visit the Pavilion from 09:00 to 17:00. The cafeteria section is also open until 17:00.

Breakfast Prices

It is not a very expensive place, as you might think, with its calmness and silence, which attracts the people. Breakfast plate is priced at 15 TL. Spray breakfast costs 30 TL per person. With a spreading breakfast, two people can easily make breakfast. So the portions are quite large.

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