Kaçkarlar Ski Resort

Kaçkarlar embraces adrenaline passengers not only in summer but also in winter. The majestic peaks of Turkey’s fourth highest mountain continue to be the center of alternative tourism. During the winter months, all the highlands in the Eastern Black Sea are silent, while the region is especially active in tourism in Ayder. Adrenalin passengers who create colorful images with their clothes on white ground can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, touring, snow rafting, snow canoe, heliski, parasailing snowboard or parasailing skiing. Lazyard and “Lazboard” are the passion of the locals. Adventure lovers can also do light ice climbing in some waterfalls.

Kaçkarlar Ski Resort

In late August, snow falls first in the high-income regions. In the cycle of the season, the landscape of the mountains takes on a completely different shape. The green of the forest becomes a brother to snow-white. Heavily snow highlands make their homes invisible. The Kaçkarlar, which is full of white clothes, is now ready for winter sports. Towards the slopes of the mountains, rising from about 3,000 to 4,000 meters, the cries of skiers are echoing.

As a result of the researches made in the past years, it has been revealed that Kaçkar Mountains is a new alternative center in terms of skiing sports. The glacier valleys in the skirts of these wild mountains carry powder snow features, making them extremely suitable for skiers and snowboarders. Despite the fact that it is not a regular track, heavy snow is creating convenient tracks throughout the entire winter season for skiers.

Since 2005 a heli skier (helicopter skiing) is being organized by a ski company from Switzerland in the Kaçkar Mountains. The thickness of the snow, which is three to five meters in some places, naturally prevents access to the pistes at the apexes. Macaheltur, one of the most important tourism agencies that solve this problem in the region, is bringing nature lovers to the ski slopes with helicopters.

Heliski is a sporty little bit expensive but a very enjoyable sport. This new adrenaline-filled skiing form that Turkey has just met is being conducted under the supervision of professional guides in the determined stages. After a safe and enjoyable skiing session, the participants are transported back to the hotel by helicopters from the end of the stages.

Of course, you do not have to be a professional to ski or snowboard in this organization, which is held under the guidance of the world’s best mountain guides and the most experienced pilots. The only difference from the winter sports that we know is that the helicopters are used instead of the telescope to reach the pistes located in an area close to the peak points. The Kaçkar Mountains, which have a wild geography, do not allow construction with untouched virgin nature. For this reason natural facilities are being used instead of the ski center and the runway for heliski activities. Already in the winter months, completely covered with snow, the plateau turns into a natural track that stretches for miles. Due to the high altitude, the snow that usually falls every evening allows for the formation of virgin ski slopes for the next day.

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