Kalem Island

Kalem Island has recently been known as “Turkey’s Maldivian” with its area of 480 thousand square meters between Garip Island and Bademli Village coasts in the Dikili district of Izmir. The boutique hotel built on it is not known as Kalem Island and the island is not in the mappings.

Antiquity historian Strabon mentioned one of these three island which is Kalem Island is dating back to 1200 BC. The other two of the Arginussai trio; Strange (Garip) and pigeon (Güvercin) islands. The islands are referred to in the maps as the Strange (Garip) Islands. Kalem Island is only 450 meters from the mainland, 13 miles away from Greece’s Mytilene Island.

It is possible to swim from Kalem to Garip Island, which is filled with long sandy beaches (450 meters). Kalem Island is known by the boutique hotel that sprang up on the area of approximately 35 thousand square meters with castle appearance rising on stone workmanship. This is one of the rare examples of tourism meeting nature.

The stone roads leading from the hotel to the surrounding area are leading you to the turquoise waters of Bademli, and on the other side the view reflecting the Aegean world opens. Thin sandy coasts, rich underwater world, olive trees and turquoise waters create a red-hot sunset with a rare alternative tourism spot.

There is only one accommodation option in Kalem Island. The company transports its customers to the island by private boat from the coast of Bademli village. The facility also accepts daily visitors. However, it is necessary to call in advance and make a reservation. When the hotel is full, it can not accept daily visitors.

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