Kartepe Ski Resort

Located just 115 kilometers from Istanbul, the Kartepe Ski Resort is the closest ski resort to the megacity. The summit of the tree sea leads you to the ski resort with views of Lake Sapanca and the Gulf of Izmit. You can find accommodation facilities and local countertops and cafes with scenic views at different standard sizes to suit all budgets. Kartepe is the third highest point in the Marmara region, winning the district status with the union of seven bands in 2008.

Kartepe Ski Resort

Despite being in the Marmara Region and not being too high, the fact that Kartepe offers suitable conditions for winter sports is meteorologically connected to the north-west winds. These winds blowing from the Black Sea leave the first snowfall of 1606 meters in Marmara. For this reason, Kartepe on the Samanlı Mountain range is preferred by ski lovers in the immediate vicinity.

Within the boundaries of Kocaeli, the Kartepe Ski Center is located 16 kilometers from the Maşukiye district. The best time for skiing is between the months of December and March, and the thickness of the snow in the area is sometimes two meters. The center has 12 pistes, four lifts, and a telescope. The total length of the 4650 person-capacity runways varies from 400 meters to 3,500 meters. In the winter, there is a ski house where professional skiers can sell and rent ski equipments in the ski resort which is one of the indispensable ones for new amateurs. There is also a five star hotel in the area where the facilities are located.

The Kartepe Ski Center, which is four hours away from Ankara, is 80 kilometers away from Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Those who want to reach the ski center need to follow the Kartepe signs by leaving the TEM motorway to the east of Izmit. The road after the ramp includes a curved exit up the ramp. This challenging stage, which you will take 20 minutes by car, is facilitated by the road maintenance of the municipality throughout the winter.

You can reward yourself by experiencing local breakfast, trout on the tile or trout or barbecued sausage on one of the shabby facilities on the Maşukiye – Kartepe road. There are many hotels / guesthouses as well as shopping opportunities on the Maşukiye site located on the shores of Lake Sapanca. The four-year-old Carpark Ski Resort can be used as a picnic area outside the winter season. Those who want to stay together with nature can make joyful treks in trekking routes.

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