Küçükkuyu and Kaz Mountains

The village houses in the Kazdağı region have been restoreted to stone houses and served as accommodation facilities, and this region became a popular holiday destinations.

Places to Visit

Kazdağı National Park

It covers an area of 21 thousand 452 hectares on the south-facing slope of the Kazdağ mass. Edremit Gulf in the south, Zeytinli Stream in the east, Karamenderes Stream in the north and Mıhlı Stream in the west. You can go to the preliminary office of Zeytinli very easily on Güre road. The distance between Güre and Zeytinli Village is 6.1 kilometers. There are more than 800 plant species in national park boundaries. The national park is particularly rich in terms of plant, bird and mammal species. An increase in the number of wild animals was observed by the declaration of the area as a national park and prohibition of hunting.

Kazdağı National Park

37 plant taxa in the area are endemic and nine of these species are found only in the Kaz Mountains all over the world. The Kazdet fir (Abiesnordmanniana equi-trojana) is the best known of these species. In the national park, there are large mammals such as grizzly bear (Ursus arctos), wolf (Canis lupus), roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), foxes (Vulpes vulpes), badgers (Meles meles) and martins (Martes sp.). The species of Aquila chrysaetos, puhu (Bubo bubo) and Anatolian plum (Sitta kruperi) are some examples to very rare birds living in this national park.

At the entrance of the national park, it is compulsory to take a guarding guide in order to prevent being lost. Tent accommodation can be made at the controlled points shown by the local park authorities.

Kazdağı National ParkTelephone: 266-373 14 80

Where are the Ida Mountains?

Trekking in Kaz Mountains

Kaz Mountains are said to be the mountains with the highest oxygen rate in the world after the Alps. Some of the trekking routes are made in cool canyons, while others stretch from mountain slopes to the summit. Şahin Deresi Canyon is the most popular of these canyons. Some stages are very dangerous and you are not allowed to enter without a guide.

Sutüven Falls

Sutüven Falls

The route from Çamlıbel Village is sometimes flat and sometimes uphill. The 10-kilometer trail also includes Sutüven Falls and Hasanboğuldu. Tahtakuşlar – Kapaklı – Dumanlı – Tavşanoynağı – Sarıkız Tepe park the most challenging but very enjoyable park in Kaz Mountains.

Sarıkız Hill

It is reached after 30 kilometers from the road on the north exit of Zeytinlik Village. There is a tomb dedicated to the vow.


After 5.5 kilometers from Edremit Akçay road, the road to the right is going to Zeytinlik. At the northern exit of Zeytinlik Village, the road is divided into two. From the road on the left is the Sütüven Waterfall and Hasanboğuldu where there are small ponds.

Adatepe Olive Oil Factory and Museum

Adatepe Olive Oil Factory and Museum

The olive oil museum shows how olive oil production is done with the dry pressure technique, and various tools related to olive oil and soap production are exhibited in the factory. In addition, production continues with stone printing technique. Adatepe Olive Oil Museum is located at the entrance of Küçükkuyu town on the Çanakkale-İzmir highway.

Zeus Altar

It is 3 km from a road up the Küçükkuyu , and located at the entrance of the village, on the hill 250 meters from the right side of the road. This famous altar is known as the place where Zeus watches the Trojan wars.

Ideal for a bird’s-eye view of the Gulf of Edremit with a rock-cut staircase and a small stone chamber.

Yeşilyurt Village

The village, which is settled in the skirts of Kazdaği, is 3 km away from the seaside. You can stay in restored stone houses.

Tahtakuşlar Etnography Gallery

The gallery, which is the first ethnography and art gallery in a village Turkey, is located 17 kilometers from Edremit and 5 kilometers from Akçay.

Tahtakuşlar Etnography Gallery

The interesting and unique cultural assets, clothing items, tools, carpets and tents and all kinds of art works are exhibited throughout the year.

Çamtepe Ecological Life Center

The Çamtepe Ecological Living Center, established by the Association for the Support of Buğday (wheat)Ecological Life, opened on March 21, 2010, when night and day were equalized. The center is located in Küçükkuyu, on the skirts of the Kaz Mountains. In the School of Life, life cycles, the language of nature, the secrets of living without consumption, and many other topics are discussed.

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