Marmaris Holiday Guide

Tourism is constantly developing in Marmaris, Muğla. Any kind of holiday is possible in Marmaris. Centrally located luxury hotels, lively bars or calm quiet beaches in İçmeler or blue tour boats around Turunç.

Marmaris Holiday Guide

How to get to Marmaris?

Marmaris, 840 to Istanbul, 675 to Ankara, 278 km to Izmir. Most of the bus companies have direct service to Marmaris. Dalaman Airport is 100 km from Marmaris.

Accommodation in Marmaris

In and around Marmaris (İçmeler, Pamucak, Hisaronu, Kumlubük, Bördübet) accommodation options are possible.

Marmaris Beaches


Marmaris Beaches - Icmeler

5 km to Marmaris. The back side of the beach in the form of a bowl is covered with pine trees. Lodging options in the region are rich.

Sedir Island

There are two small islets beside the Sedir Island in the Gulf of Gökova, which are called Middle and Small. Sedir Island, which houses the remains of the ancient city of Kedrai, has many historical relics from the Roman and Byzantine periods, as well as the antique theater planned on the northern slope of the district. There are many towers of regularly cut stone, fortification walls, Apollon Temple and  church, a well preserved theater and a well preserved agora that can be seen, and antique harbor remains can be seen on the site of Sedir. The island is protected by archaeological and natural site status.

Sedir Island - Cleopatra Beach

The gold color of limestone droplets, produced by the geological processes of Sedir Island, burns when sand is kept on fire. The island has a worldwide reputation with Cleopatra Bay which is famous for its ambition and intrigues and the name of Cleopatra. Even the name of the ancient queen is so prominent that it causes the island to be called Cleopatra Island.

It is reported that the unique sand of the magnificent Cleopatra Bay in Sedir Island was brought from Egypt to spread the bay by Antonius to satisfy Cleopatra. Guests have to have a shower while leaving these precious sands away from the beach, so that they do not go on their guests.

Sedir Island’s first blue guests, Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu and his friends hand tracks on the rock are still visible today. There are restaurants on the island that serve the summers and can be reached by boat from Akkaya and Çamlı.


Marmaris - Kızkumu

It is in Orhaniye Village of Marmaris. Due to sand dune movements in the bay, 600 m into the sea there is a thin set of sand. Marmaris is 20 km away from Datça road and turns towards Bozburun. The road is 6 km. Then reaches Orhaniye.

Places To Visit

Marmaris Castle (Museum)

The castle in the center of Marmaris was restored between 1980-1990. Archaeological and ethnographic artifacts and excavations in the ancient city of Knidos are exhibited in the museum.


It is 3 km from Marmaris in the north. The city walls on Asartepe are built on the basis of the slope of the land. The port of the city, which was the sacred site of Leto in the antiquity, was also important.


It is near Orhaniye Village, on the way to Erine. The city, which is located in the forest, is known as a health center in antiquity.

Turgut Waterfall

The waterfall located in Turgut Village of Marmaris district of Muğla is not very big but attracts attention. There are five waterfalls lined up in rows, which are poured from about 10 meters, the largest in an area where huge cliff trees are found. The waterfall, which has been declining in recent years, is an important contribution to local tourism. During the days when the Mediterranean climate is warm in the summer heat, the waterfall is filled with those who want to cool down in the pond. Jeep safari or groups with trekking activity flock to local observers or trout restaurants after a waterfall visit.

Marmaris Turgut Waterfall

There are two alternatives to go to Turgut Village, 33 kilometers away from Marmaris. Follow the road to Marmaris-Datça and follow the road turning left from Orhaniye sign. The second is Marmaris-Içmeler-Turunç route to Bozburun plateau and in Bayraköy turn to the left  to reach Turgut in half an hour.

Bayir Village

You can sit in one of the cafes  in the village and sip your tea in the shade of plane trees.


Değirmenbükü, 25 kilometers from Marmaris, each of the captain’s favorite places consists of numerous sheltered bays. Okluk gulf, located to the east of the bay, is an important shelter for the boat’s supply. There are two restaurants in Çamlık Bay, famous for its marquis statue playing with waves in the sea.

One of the most preferred routes of the blue journey is the Değirmenbükü, an unprecedented village and untouched beaches, some of which are separated from Karacasöğüt junction of the Mugla-Marmaris highway by an asphalt road. This area, which is not lacking in the blue of the sea together with the surrounding moon, Yediadalar, Söğüt, Löngöz and Bördübet, welcomes thousands of locals and foreign travelers every year.

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