Located south of the Burhaniye Plain in the eastern part of the Gulf of Edremit, Ören is a center of attraction for Turkish tourists with its accommodation facilities. Olive and Tourism Festival is held in August and September.

How to get to Ören?

623km from Ankara, 175km from İzmir, 464km from Istanbul and 142 km away from Çanakkale. There are local buses from Burhaniye in the distance.


The facilities are generally modest and family-run in quality and relatively inexpensive. Tent camping areas are also available in the region.

Places to visit in Ören

Adramytteion Ancient City

In the ruins of Ören, which is the settlement area of the old city Adramytteion known as the old Edremit, today there are not many historical remains belonging to those eras. The reason for this is that the city has to frequent invasion and fight in history. It is revealed that the area near the ruins is covered with ancient city remains. Therefore, a certain part of Ören was taken under the scope of the SIT area.

Rock Altar

Madra Mountain Rock Altar

Rock Altar

The altar of the Madra Dağı in the south of the Gulf of Edremit is similar to the ‘Altar of the Rock’ seen in Eastern and Central European countries, but the way of thinking it represents integration with nature. This way of thinking has been going on since the Polished Stone Age. Hisarköy Rock Altar, Bahadınlı Village, Dedekaya, Bahadınlı Village Inkaya Cave, Börezli Village Fugla Tepe is a place with great historical importance in this area.

Şahinler Village Mosque

Şahinler Village Mosque estimated to be about 150 years old; In the Turkish-Islamic world, it is a mosque which is not distinguished by its old line examples, but with its ornate dome composed of village graveyard and Rezilli Mill and various nature paintings.


With its clean sea, beach and lush green areas, Ören is 4 km away from the center of the town to the sea. You can also see centuries-old oak trees in the area, which is located in the Natural Site, you can go to the sea at Teacher House Beach and Iskele. Burhaniye Camel Wrestling, one of Turkey’s most important camel wrestling organizations, has a history of at least a hundred years. Camel Wrestling is organized three times a year in the district; Aydin, Germencik, Çanakkale, Antalya and Bodrum, 75 to 100 camels are participating in each competition.

Burhaniye has a theater. there is a constant game in winter and sometimes in summer here. The Madra Mountain trekking trail is ideal for hikers. In addition, Karaağaç and Bostanci villas have springs.

Ören National Park and Pegasus Statue

Ören National Park and Pegasus Statue

Day trips to the Kazdağları, Bozcaada, Assos, Çanakkale and Ephesus are organized from Burhaniye, which is 30 kilometers away from Ayvalık and Cunda.

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