The city of Seferihisar became the first Cittaslow of Turkey in 2010.

How to get to Seferihisar?

Seferihisar is 47 km from Izmir. It is located in Sigacik Bay on the southwest. You can g oto Seferihisar from Üçkuyular Garage and there are bus services. There are municipal bus services from Konak.

Accommodation in Seferihisar

In Seferihisar house pension is supported. One room of wooden houses on Sığacık beach is rented by tourists. Small motels and lodgings are located in Seferihisar’s Sığacık neighborhood. Akarca, Ürkmez and Doganbey also have pensions.

Three B. Marine: +902327457200
Teos Pension: + 90232-7457463
Sahil Pansiyon: +902327457199
Liman Pansiyon: +902327457462
Blue Olive: +902327457374
Tranquility Hotel: +902327457201
Köşk Motel: +902327457574
Mountain Motel: +90232745723

Food in Seferihisar

Bread stuffing, Seferihisar mantis, lok lok, samsades, gum tarhana, sweet tarhana, keşkek, zucchini stuffed with fish, spinach, lamb stuff, pyroh, çalkama (otlu), yuvalaça. Seharihisar’s unique gum tarhana is made with milk, clove, drop gum and flour. In Sığacık there are fish restaurants around the pier. Seafood and grapes are always freshly served.

Places to Visit in Seferihisar

The tangerine festival is held in Seferihisar in November. Many festivals are organized throughout the year by the municipality.


In the town center, the old municipal building is allocated to the villagers People sell handmade products of its own in this village market, which is open 6 days a week. There is a manufacturer market in front of the village market on Tuesdays Here, with the participation of about 120 farmers from 9 villages, organic and well farmed farmers are selling their products. Seferihisar has the longest coastline of Turkey with 49 kilometers. Seferihisar has shuttles to beaches. Akkum, Akarca, Doganbey, Ürkmez and İpekkum beaches are lined up along the coastline.



From the town center, the coast is reached by passing the Sığacık through mandarin gardens. This is the most tangerine-growing region in Turkey. Satsuma seedless mandalas are wrapped everywhere. The most important work in Sığacık is the castle built by the order of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent before the campaign of Rhodes. Kaleici is surrounded by small little houses and narrow streets. You can be the guest of a family who can drink tea at the garden of the Pasha Captain’s house behind the castle. Pasha Captain, who regards the garden as a tea garden, is one of the symbols of the slow city.

It is forbidden to enter Sığacık by car on Sunday. Cars are parked near the castle door. Bikers are ready for those who want to rent bikes. The goal is to promote more bicycle use. Sığacık in-house bazaar is built in the market on Sunday. There are also people who came to this famous market in Izmir for shopping.


In ancient city Teos, there is Dionysus Temple, agora, odeon, walls and harbor remains, as well as Karagöl where antique stone and marble quarry are located. This ancient stone quarry covers an area around a lake and a lake about 100 meters in diameter, 3 kilometers north east of the ancient city. These stones are thought to have been exported to the entire Mediterranean, even to Rome, from the ancient harbor. Karagol is also the charming point that Evliya Çelebi points at Travelogue.

Seferihisar Villagers

Gödence, Beyler (Beyner), Kavakdere, Orhanlı villageshave busses to the centre. Orhanlı is a very beautiful mountain village with forests in the arch of the Roman period. Beyler Village is famous with its grape and honey.

Karakoç Thermal Springs

Karakoç Ilıcası is the most famous of the springs found within the boundaries of the ancient Lebedos city. It is known that Ephesus also benefited from these waters in antiquity. Seferihisar, which has a fertile geography in terms of springs , also has a Roman bath built in Karakoç spa. The aqueducts from the Roman period are also located in the thermal area of Doganbey.


Another city that formed the Ion Union in antiquity is located on the shore of Ürkmez Village today. It is 15 kilometers away.

Seferihisar Beaches

Every morning from the Sığacık harbor, boat trips are organized to arrange tours to the mud baths, which are not accessible from the land. Seferihisar, which has the longest coastline of Turkey with its coastline, has three blue-flagged beaches in Ürkmez, Akarca and Sığacık.

Important Phones

Municipality: +902327433960
State Hospital: +902327434806
Security Directorate: +902327435791

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