Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace is a palace built on a high hill in Istanbul, Sarayburnu. The Ottoman Empire was ruled here for four centuries.

Topkapi Palace

After Fatih Sultan Mehmet took Istanbul, he built a palace and settled there, the palace, in the present Beyazıt, where the university is located. The leaders of the state began to make the Topkapi Palace when they suggested that it would not be right for the sultan to sit in the middle of the city in a seized city. At that time Sarayburnu was a promenade covered with olive trees. Several separate circles, pavilions, pooled gardens were built once; There was a wall around it. Old Palac is left to the relatives of the sultans, servants and maids.

The name of “Topkapı” comes from one of the gates of Sarayburnu in Istanbul during the Byzantine period. The palace is supposed to be completed in 1478.

There were seven large Gates four of them overlooking to land and three to the sea. The palace was entered from the so-called “Bab-i Hümayun” in front of Hagia Sophia. There is a Middle Gate within 300 meters of this gate. The Grand Viziers had to go downstairs in the Central Gate and enter inside.

Topkapi Palace

There is a place called “First Place”. In the Palace Kitchen on the right, dinner was cooked for 15,000, or even 20,000 people. At the end of the tour, there is the harem gate and the Kubbealti (underdome), where the viziers are gathered.

After the Middle Gate, the Gate of the Akağlar, also called “Bab-us Seade”, comes. In this section, there are Bağdat Mansion, Kara Mustafa Pasha Mansion, Mecidiye Mansion, Revan Chamber, Cardigan Circle, Circumcision Room and Tulip Garden.

All this brought the Palace’s “Selamlık” (thr portion of the palace reserved form an) part to the scene. The “Harem Circle” was one of the most interesting palaces of the palace. Here the mothers of the sultans, wives, odalisques, servants. Besides, the apartment where the sultan sat was also here. III. Murat’s bedroom was not only of the the Harem Circle, but the most magnificent place of the entire Topkapi Palace.

Topkapi Palace was given to the ranchers in the time of the revolution. Yıldız Palace and Dolmabahçe Palace became important in the last years of the empire. In the Republican era, Palace was transformed into a museum. Today, Topkapi Palace is an invaluable art treasure, with exhibited jewelery, rare porcelain sets, Chinese tiles and very high artistic goods.

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