Uludag Ski Center

For a traveler during the summer vacation Antalya and Bodrum are as attractive as they are, in winter Uludağ expresses the same feeling. Uludağ, Turkey’s favorite ski resort, is the highest point of the Marmara Region at the same time with its 2543 meter summit.

Uludag Ski Center

Uludağ, which extends forty kilometers along the northwest-southeast direction, enters the field of sight of Bursa every day with its imposing appearance.

The Uludag Ski Center, spreading over Fatintepe and Kuşakayaaya hills, is located in the national park with the same name declared in 1961. The diversity of accommodation facilities and proximity to major cities are the most important factors that increase the popularity of the ski resort.

Activities such as Alpine discipline, northern discipline, tour deck, helicopter skiing, snowboarding, big foot, ice-skating, snowmobile can be done in Uludağ, which is located 36 kilometers south of the city center. The lowest altitude is 1750 and the highest altitude is 2435 meters in Uludag Ski Center where 11 main runways are located. All the tracks that run into the Hotels area attract attention with their widths and slopes. There are 13 lifts, seven chair lifts, six telescopes and seven T bars for transportation to the 2000 meters long runways. The longest of the lifts is 1700 meters.

There are a total of 25 modern hotels in the region. Rising up to the hillside with spectacular views, these accommodation facilities offer holiday skiing tours, discotheques, entertainment centers, ski equipment rentals, and private lessons from ski specialists. There is also a 24-hour emergency aid center and a mobile clinic for any possible accident or health problem. The healthiest season for skiing is from April to December with the beginning of December, the snow depth in the center can reach up to three meters. Various festivals and festivals are organized throughout the season in Uludag Ski Center.

Uludag, also known as the Monument Mountain, is not only in winter, but also in the summer months. You can explore this splendid mountain with hikes to historical churches, waterfalls, lush forest texture and glacial lakes located just below the Uludağ summit. It is a pleasure to take the cable car from the city center to the ski center, which is reached by ferry, Osmangazi Bridge, Bursa Airport.

Another ski resort in Bursa is Alaçam, which is in the project phase.

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