Urla, the county of Izmir, is located in the central part of the Urla Peninsula in the west of the city. The Artichoke Festival in Urla is held from April 29th to May 1st.

How to get to Urla?

600km to Istanbul, 620km to Ankara and 38 km to Izmir. Urla is reached with buses and minibuses departing from Izmir.

Places to Visit in Urla


It is located to the south of Urla. In Kokarkoy, both historical and natural beauty are together. Clean sea of Kokarkoy is 98 m in some places. reaching depth.

Quarantine Island

Quarantine Island, about 100 meters from the Urla coast, is spreading over 320 acres. The island took its name from the quarantine facilities that the French did in 1865. The island was connected to Urla by road in 1955.In fact, this is not the first landing of the island; some sources say that the island is connected to the land in the time of Alexander the Great, while the excavations of the ancient city of Klazomenai continue in the island. The Quarantine Island is a place where the Klazomenians, who escaped from the Persian invasion in the 5th century BC according to ancient texts, are hiding. Today, there are resting facilities of Urla State Hospital and Ministry of Health in the city, as well as hotels.

Yassica (German) Island

There is a scheduled ferry service of Yassica Island where the Izmirans can easily reach during the summer season. Island passengers can go to theisland from Konak and Karsiyaka pier regularly. The Island does not have a permanent settlement as there are no motor vehicles. There is a section on the island scaffolding where private boats can take advantage of and get services. The summer season, which started in June at Yassıca Island, continues until September. It is estimated that the number of visitors in a day is more than thousands.

Malgaça İçmeleri

Famous for drinking water that is good for stomach, kidney, gall bladder diseases. It also has a natural coast of kilometers long.


The earliest settlement in the north of İzmir Gulf is the prehistoric mound, which is called Limentepe, to the east of today’s modern harbor. Klazomenai moved to its present location in the mid-10th century BC. The necropolis of Klazomenai, where one of the world’s oldest olive oil workshops is located, is at Yıldıztepe.

Güvendik Hill

It is possible to see İzmir Gulf outdoors from this tap on the Çesmealtı. It is famous for its incredible images of southern birth and moonlit nights. On the hill you can eat delicious meat dishes.

Uzbek Village

There are centuries-old trees in the mosque of the village that goes by fishing and agriculture. The authentic air and the yacht harbor on the western coast of the peninsula is worth seeing.

Bademler Village

The first village with a theater. The players are farmers who are engaged in agriculture. Itis famous with Bademli village, library, special children’s toys museum and flower bulbs. The film Susuz Yaz was filmed in this village.


The city is on the Rat Island, which is 60 m high with a steep rock. About 1.5 km from Doganbey Gulf. It is difficult to reach the rock to the north by land.

Accommodation in Urla

Aktur Hotel 232-76612 98
Dilara Hotel 232-76610 84
Central Pans. 232-7S2002S
Nebioğlu Holiday Village: 232-7521036
Serendip Hotel 232-7661196
Sogancioglu Hotel: 232-7542523
Yorgo Sefer House: 232-7520414

Food in Urla

The taste of lupus, coral, octopus, calamari, lagos and barb which are kept on the shores of Urla, which is a real fishermen’s paradise, is unique. Do not leave Urla without taste of the local specialties.

Captain Cumhur’s place: +902327522064
Kaptanoglu: +902327551076
Blue Pine: +902327551414
Panorama: +902327551059
Yoruk Family House: +902327648288

Important Phones

Municipality: +902327541088
State Hospital: +902327521004
Security Directorate: +902327541465

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