Winter Sports


Snowboarding, a winter sport linked to the International Ski Federation, is an activity with snowboarding on the feet. Popularities are based on the 1990s.


With its two long slides underneath which provide transport on slippery slopes such as snow and ice, the slippery, or slippery, horse-drawn, dog-sled, slippery slippery skid now allows the card to safely slide and have fun.

Tour Slide

It is one of the sports clubs that are lighter and shorter, the tour deck which is separated from the normal ski with the features like the hole in the nose and the notch at the back, and high performance. We can describe this sport as slipping down a slope that is reached by walking for a long time.

Snow Canos

It is not very common that this sport is applied as a slip on a sloping and snowy ground. The snow canal can be likened to an upper level of slippery slip from childhood. The most important issue to be aware of is that it requires a large level area to stop after the slope.

Snow Rafting

This event, which is organized as a group of four or six people rowing down from the snowy slopes by boat, is not a very popular sport in Turkey, but it is a winter sport preferred by adventurous travelers.

Skiing by Bicycle

For those who want to try this little known sport, we can suggest virgin areas on the mountain slopes that you will find in ski resorts.

Helicopter Skiing (Heliski)

The helicopter made in areas where there is plenty of snow, from the ski center or away from the pit, is a sport in which skiers leave helicopters to the hills and slip from there. This activity, which can be done in the limited regions of the world, is one of the most exciting nature sports.

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