Zigana Ski Resorts

Gümüşhane, which has many historical, natural and cultural treasures but is still not well known and has no place deserved among the travel destinations of Turkey, is a loving province in the mountains. As well as being surrounded by high mountains, the early fall of snow brings Gümüşhane an advantageous position in terms of winter sports. There are three winter tourism centers throughout the city.

Zigana Ski Resorts

The Zigana Winter Tourism Center is located within the boundaries of Zigana Village, the most famous ski resort in the region. Gümüşhane province center is located 46 kilometers away from the exit of Zigana Tunnel is a five-kilometer road to the right. It is one of the easiest ski resorts in Turkey because it is located about 60 kilometers from Trabzon Airport. The area was declared a tourism center in 1991 and has a lodging facility.

During the ski season between December and April, the snow thickness is around 100 – 150 centimeters. There is a ski lift with a telescope with a length of 661 meters / hour capacity of 843 and a babylift facility. The track with an average slope of 20 percent is suitable for both professionals and beginners. The altitude scale ranges from 1900 to 2500 meters, surrounded by forests and alpine meadows. Located in the southern part of the ski resort, the Gavur Mountains offer a spectacular view in the open air.

There are many local restaurants around Gümüşhane – Trabzon border ski resort. You can walk to the Limni Lake Nature Park from the ski resort in the Zigana Plateau, which preserves its beauty with its traditional houses.

Çakırgöl, another winter sports center on the Zigana Mountains, is about 55 kilometers from the city center. In the winter months it is possible to reach the center via Gümüşhane – İkisu – Olucak which is very difficult to reach. Ministry of Culture and Tourism plans to construct seven mechanic facilities and 11 ski slopes in the area, which were declared tourism centers in 2005. In 2010, the winter tourism center was declared in the Süleymaniye neighborhood area, and the project application work continues.

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